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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Remove the pong from grey water # 2

Nola Parsons added 4 new photos.
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So maybe this will help others who want to use their washing machine grey water for flushing the loo. The water collected is generally very dirty (mine is mostly black!) And smells if it stands for a day or two. I use a flocculant to separate out the particles and collect the clear water, which doesn't smell, and use this for flushing. Tips in photo descriptions. PS this is a low tech method that involves carrying buckets!!

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I have been using the same method, have a 200 liter drum outside the laundry, water gets pumped in there (we only wash when there is a full load) add alum powder, sediment settles at the bottom (below the tap in the drum) draw from there for the loo. Also ad shower water to that so soap etc also settles no clogging in cistern and no smells. I dump about 1-2 liters of gunky sediment at the end, no mess no fuss

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